Friday, June 18

moldova girls marriage

is it possible to marry one of the beautiful moldovan girls that you see on an international dating website from Russia or Moldova? . There are literally thousands of beautiful girls looking for a good man from USA and Italy, Sweden and UK, New Zealand and Australia, anywhere in the world to marry and create a family with.

is it possible to find moldovan brides and russian women in New Zealand or Norway? America and Canada, Denmark and Finland? Yes, there are hundreds of beautiful women already residing in those countries and they want to find a loving partner and be a loving caring wife.

Is there anything that is standing in your way? The biggest thing that stands in the way for most guys is a powerful skepticism that leads them to believe that they must be too good to be true. There tends to be a paranoia that will slowly set in after a period of time after they begin to correspond with a woman from Russia or Ukraine through an international dating website. They wonder what must be wrong with her or the start reading stories about scammers and begin looking for clues that the woman of their dreams might actually be scamming them.

Saturday, June 12

Moldovan Brides

When it comes to mail order brides, Moldovan girls and Russian women are the top most choice of most men from different countries. This is because moldovan girls are very open minded in the idea of mail order brides and a lot of women there are focused on marrying at a certain age.

Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus and Moldova women in particular, make the best wives in the world. Why? They are born with tradition for respect toward their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and husbands. They try their best to keep their families together. They love to do things to make their husbands happy.

Wednesday, June 9

Young moldova girls and russian brides in America

Documentary chronicles the experiences of young moldovan girls and russian women dating american men and coming to America as "mail-order brides"

Thursday, June 3

beautiful Moldovan women

People of Moldova are considered very friendly. And what about Moldovan girls! They are the most gentle, loving and beautiful women. Real Moldovan traditional and family values are the norm in Moldova. These women maintain and strive for relationships that are almost unheard of in the west. Young moldovan women are soft, gentle and extremely beautiful but not as open to dating for mere dating alone and they are generally not easy to get for anyone. Individual must first prove himself as an honorable, respectful man and a definite possibility as a life mate.

With the advent of the internet, finding beautiful Moldovan women online is not hard. There are lots of sites that are offering you dating with Moldovan women, those dating websites give you chat, emails and IM as options to meet hot Moldovan girls seeking men for marriage.

Sunday, May 23

marriage in Moldova

When a young couple decides to marry, it is not unusual for a moldovan girl to go to her future husband's house and stay there. The next day her parents are informed about this, and the families come together to agree on the marriage. It can take a couple of months before the civil and religious wedding ceremonies are held.

Newlyweds usually live together with the groom's parents until they can build a house in the village or rent an apartment in town. In the villages, there is a general rule of ultimogeniture (the youngest son and his family live with the parents, and he inherits the contents of the household).

Friday, April 30

Moldova dating

Moldova dating sites remove geographic boundaries from your quest to find love. Anyone with Internet access can meet and correspond with beautiful moldova brides , even fall in love and find true compatibility. Moldova marriage agencies and dating sites provide advanced communication tools that empower open-minded, eligible bachelors to try something new and different by virtually dating single moldova women. these sites are a matchmaking conduit through which you can openly express your feelings without judgment.

Friday, April 23

real moldova brides

Searching a real moldova bride? If you are new to this you have probably read about bad dating sites and simply need some serious advice, here it goes:

If a moldova bride tells you she has no phone, possibly she is real, but everyone in Moldova has a phone.

If a moldova bride suggests to meet you in another country, she is real if she is paying for herself and has her own passport

if a moldova bride is asking for money, she could be real, but more then likely not, so do not, do not ever send money

if a moldova bride talks about sex in the first few days, she could be real, but bad news, real moldova brides who are looking for marriage, never talk about sex with a stranger.

Never use a moldovan brides dating agency where you have to pay to open letters! Don’t even waste your time at any agency that does not let you have the ladies personal email address.

Saturday, January 9

Love Is

Love is the way you whisper in my ear

All the things I long to hear.

The way you put your arms around me

For the entire world to see.

The gentle touch when you hold my hand,

And the way you always understand.

Love is the way you always care,

And all the things you want to share.

It’s the dreams we’ve made together

That lasts in our hearts forever.

Love is the kind and compassionate way,

You always brighten everyday.
Beginning with a kiss each morning

So sweet, tender and loving.

Love is the way we miss each other,

Whenever we’re not together.

The things most people take for granted,

The memories they just forget.

Like the roses for no special reason,

The thoughtful things you’ve done.

Just to tell me you love me,

And we’ve met our destiny!

Love is simply being together


Saturday, October 24

Kishinev and Kishinev women

Kishinev is a compact city, its centre is well connected with all the administrative sectors. If you arrive in Kishinev by air, through the airport, the city will broadly open you its gates, that located in Dachia Boulevard, the Museum of Village is situated next to it, and then through the viaduct you will get to the centre.

kishinev woman

If you find yourself in the railway station, from the railway land side, where there is a sight to the Palace of Railway Workers, you will reach the centre along Gagarin Boulevard passing by the monument to Kotovsky and along Negrutsy Boulevard to Piata Liberetii (Square of Independence) that is limited by the buildings of the «National» and «Chisinau» hotels, as well as the main building of Academy of Sciences. There is a sculptural composition in the centre of the square devoted to the warriors of the Soviet Army, who liberated Moldova from fascists in 1944.

On 3 October 1999, in the City Day, when Kishinev celebrated its 563 th anniversary, the grand opening ceremony of the reconstructed part of Ciuflea Street that now is a wide highway, took place.

The central avenue of our capital begins from this place. This is Stephen the Great Boulevard, which length is 3.8 kilometres. Over the centuries, it frequently changed its name and face. In 1944 the central part of the boulevard was almost completely destroyed, only 2-3 buildings remained unharmed. Looking at the buildings, located in both sides of the boulevard, one can easily tell the stages of its reconstruction.

The boulevard is opened by two contemporaneous buildings, the first floors of those are occupied with shops, banks, large firms. Vis-a-vis an exhibition hall the Union of Artists is located, decorated with metallic sculptures of muses.

kishinev sexy woman

Farther, at the corner of Izmailskaya Street, in the even side, the building of the central department store is situated – the largest trade enterprise of Moldova that began to function in the middle of 80s. Opposite the department store there is the magnificent building of Petrolbank built in 1997. The many-storeyed building of «Moldtelecom» is located behind the department store in the even side of the street. It was created by means of slip forms. Owing to these high-rise buildings, Kishinev, in spite of being situated in the seismically active zone, have gained the appearance of quite a modern city.

The former Armenian yards’ territory is the next to come, limited by the up-to-date Stephan the Great Boulevard, Armyanskaya and Benderskaya streets. The Armenian appeared in Kishinev in the first quarter of the XV century. In the beginning of the XIX century there were 113 Armenian families in Kishinev and in 1814 the City Council determined the plot in the city centre (more than 21 thousand metres) for the building religious and other constructions. Benderskaya arch formerly was here, and at the corner with Armyanskaya Street - a beautiful chemist’s shop.

The sight of the centre is the Organ Hall located on the odd side of the street. On the right of the Organ Hall, there is the building of the National Drama Theatre. There is an open exhibition between them. On the left, there is not a bit less beautiful building of City Hall, and in front of it there is the central post office. Now we can look round to see the part of the avenue where we have already walked.

The main square of Kishinev is located behind Pushkin Street - it is Piata Marii Adunari Nationale (Square of the Great National Meeting). It has utterly another appearance before the reconstruction. It is restricted by a park with one side where there is Cathedral ensemble. The most ancient of its edifices is Portile Sfinta Arch (Saint Gates). There is a flower market along the park.

The House of Government is situated in front of the Arch. It was built in the place where Bessarabian Eparchy was formerly located. Near the House of Government there are buildings of the National Palace and the National Library.

The park named after Stephen the Great abuts upon the central square. By the main entrance to the park there is the monument to Stephen the Great standing in the place of the destroyed monument to the Russian emperor Alexander II.

The «Patria» cinema built in the place of the very beautiful building of Noble Assembly that has not been preserved. There was an arch at the entrance in that building. Next to it one can find the House of Parliament of Moldova. Here the unique monument to K. Marks and F. Engels was formerly situated. There is the newly built the National Opera-House opposite it, followed by the Palace of President and the building of the Agroindustrial Association. The Palace of President is built in the place of the German Protestant Church. Farther from the same side of the street there is Preobrajenskii Cathedral – the former military church. Some time there was a planetarium here. The Kishinev churches, we could count 20 of them, the pieces of the antiquity, the parts of our ancestors’ soul are the architectural pearls of our country.

The building of the former Museum of Art, erected by the Vienna masters in the rare architectural style of the elegant Vienna baroque, is also fairly considered to be a Kishinev decoration. In all four directions from the crossroads with Calea Orheiului along the main street there are buildings of health authorities. Among them the republican Isolation Hospital named after Ion Ciorba, that is situated behind the open-work fence in the one-storey building made of the pure brickwork; the most old block of the Medical University, that is the descendant of the second Leningrad Medical Institute. It was completely taken here together with its library from Pyatigorsk, where it was in the evacuation (during World War II), when it was particularly necessary to settle the vital problems of public health in Moldova.

Wednesday, October 21

while in moldova

There are two big nature reserves in Moldova only 60 kms south-east of Chisinau: “Hancesti Forest” and “Codri”, as well as two important historical sites: the ruins of the medieval town of Lapusna and the estate of Manuc Bei.

Passing by the Chisinau South Auto-station, the road to Hancesti passes a region known for its rich agricultural land and which has brought fame to Moldova since medieval times. In one of the beautiful highlands of Hancesti is located the estate of Manuc Bei, so-called “prince of the Armenians”, with a nice “Hunting House” and a Palace. A famous architect, A. Bernardazzi, designed both of them. Today an interesting museum is to be found here. The trip continues through the biggest landscape reserve in Moldova – “Hancesti Forest”, to the village of Lapusna. Here the ruins of the Lord’s Court and the Customs cellars from the Great Tartarian Road have been preserved from XV-XVII c. This road formed the connection between the Crimean Peninsula and Central Europe.

At the edge of the nearest village, Loganesti, is situated the most important nature reserve for medicinal plants in Moldova. It is best visited in spring and summer.

The road continues to the Balcani highway and the “Codri” nature reserve. Here are the big forests, which amaze travelers with their great diversity of splendid landscapes. Especially during autumn they display a fascinating array of nuances and colours, which induce the traveler to stop, even if only for a short time, in this wonderland.

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